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H.W. Ted Stuckless

Only a songwriter who truly loves music - or, as one of my songs says “Only a Fool” would undertake this project - chording ALL of my Songs of Truth albums.

The chord diagrams in this book are color-coded to make eye-balling the lyrics a little easier (although it may take a little getting used to). While I have not included every little variation that you may hear in our recordings, I hope that the pictured main chords will enable you to learn and play any song that you may choose.

There are many musicians who like to ‘play along’ with my CDs/digital files while looking at the chords. Don’t be surprised if your guitar is not exactly ‘in tune’ with some of our recordings - that is because we may have altered the standard tuning in some sessions. However, there are also recordings where we used standard tuning – so play along! Also note that some songs were written with a CAPO in place. The chords indicated are named as if a CAPO were NOT used. Should you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

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